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The Tae, Ipot, and Kursit...

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Q: What are the native delicacies of nueva vizcaya?
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What is Nueva Vizcaya's population?

Nueva Vizcaya's population is 397,837.

When was Nueva Vizcaya created?

Nueva Vizcaya was created in 1839.

What is the area of Nueva Vizcaya?

The area of Nueva Vizcaya is 4,378.8 square kilometers.

When was Nueva Vizcaya State University created?

Nueva Vizcaya State University was created in 1964.

What is the city of Nueva Vizcaya?

Nueva Vizcaya is a province of the Philippines located in the Cagayan Valley region in Luzon.

What languages are spoken in Nueva Vizcaya Philippines?

The 6 most common languages spoken in Nueva Vizcaya are:IlocanoPangasinanTagalogGaddangIsinaiEnglish

What is the History of solano nueva vizcaya?

the art history of nueva vizcaya than the art history of pangasinan.they have their own culture

What are the food in nueva vizcaya?

dinekdekan at papaitan

What is the capital of Nueva Vizcaya?

Its capital is Bayombong

Where is aritao nueva vizcaya located?


Is there a national book store in Nueva Vizcaya?

yes. their is a national book store named Pandayan book store. here in Solano Nueva Vizcaya

What is the distance from manila to nueva vizcaya?

about 160 miles