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Tre Cool has two kids:

Ramona Wright and Frankito Wright

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Q: What are the names of tre cools kids?
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What is tre cools drink?

The legendary CHEECH

Who is Tre Cools favorite band?

Green Day

What is tre cools zodiac?

Tre Cool is a rat, having been born on December 9th of 1972.

Tre cools birth place?

Frankfurt, Germany i think this is where he was born...

Who is tre cools wife?

he doesn't have one. he does have an ex wife though who was named Claudia Suarez.

Frank Edwin wright III personal facts ie kids names and birthdtes?

This is the birh name of Tre Cool, drummer with Green Day. His kids are Ramona and Frankito

What is tre cools girlfriends name?

His EX-wife's names are Liesa & Claudia and has one daughter Ramona & son named Frankie.Girlfriend's name is still unknown but she's at most all events & concerts with him. She's really pretty. heard she's a NY professional ballet dancer & model currently resides in California with Tre.

What are some crip set names?

8 tre ,bluesteel g stone

What are the names of the two other band members of greenday?

Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt

Who are the names in the band Green Day?

Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool

What are GreenDays real names?

Billie Joe Armstrong,Tre', and i dont know the other 1

Does tre cool have kids?

He has two kids. Ramona, who was born is 1995; 15 years old. Frankito, who was born in 2001; 9 years old.