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Bilbo's ponies name was Myrtle

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Q: What are the names of the ponies in The Hobbit?
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How did the horses ponies and donkeys disappeared in the hobbit?

The goblins took them

What gets eaten by the goblins in The Hobbit?

When the dwarves and Bilbo were captured, so were all of the ponies. The goblins ate the ponies.

How the horses ponies and donkeys all disappeared in The Hobbit ( Over Hill and Under Hill)?

They lost some of the ponies in the river, which washed them and their supplies away. The others were taken by the goblins and eaten.

What happened in the river in the hobbit before the clan made it to the trolls?

They lost several of their ponies into the river. They took most of the food with them.

What are the goblins names ine the hobbit?

There are hundreds of goblins in The Hobbit. You probably want to know the names of the 3 trolls. They were William, Bert and Tom.

How do you get through the wild in The Hobbit?

Stay on the path, be nice to Elves, and make sure you have a wizard and hobbit. You will be walking or riding ponies for most of the way...... and remember to bring something you can use to fight off giant spiders!

What were all the dwarves names in The Hobbit?

Thorin BalinDwalinBifurBofurBomburDoriNoriOriFiliKiliOinGloin

What factors define a persons identity in the Hobbit?

It depends on what you mean by "person". Very few of the characters in The Hobbit are actually human beings. So part of a character's identity must be their species. It most books that is not an issue, but in The Hobbit it matters whether we are talking about a dwarf, hobbit, elf, or dragon. Another important factor is names. Tolkien was a linguist and names were very important to him, even in The Hobbit where he is writing for children.

What are some hobbit names that start with E?

Esmaralda TookEstellaEglantineEverardElanor the Fair

What are the names of giant My Little Pony unicorns?

The ponies with wings and a unicorn horn? If so, Alicorns.

What are cute show names for a pony?

My ponies show name is 'Monami' which translates from french as 'my friend'

Are the hobbit and the annotated hobbit books the same?

One thing in particular that the Annotated Hobbit has is a detailed explanation of the changes that Tolkien made to 'The Hobbit' while writing of 'The Lord of the Rings' to synchronize the texts.