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The main characters in The Little Rascals (1994) are:








Mary Ann






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2014-08-05 12:24:38
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Q: What are the names of the main characters in the movie the little rascals?
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What are the names of the Little Rascals kids?

Main characters for The Little Rascals Television show. There are 7 main characters of the show as well as several other supporting cast members. These are the main characters: Spanky, Buckwheat, Stymie, Porky, Froggy, Alfalfa, & of course who can forget Petey. Petey was the puppy of the Little Rascals. I don't believe that Wheezer was a main character, perhaps a supporting cast character.

What are the names of the boys in the movie the little rascals?

Spanky, ALphalpha, buckwheat , froggy

Did the Little Rascals have last names?


What was buckwheats brothers names on the little rascals?


What were the names of dog and horse on the Little Rascals show?

The dog is named Petey and Algebra was the name of the horse that was on the Little Rascals .

What was Spanky's real name on The little Rascals?

Many of the those on The Little Rascals used their own names as did George "Spanky" McFarland .

What are the real names of 'The Little Rascals'?

Most of those who appeared in "The Little Rascals" used their own names . You can look to the related link below for a list of those who appeared in the series .

What is the black kids name in little rascals?

i am not sure but i think there names are blacky, and blacko! ur welcome!

What are the names of the two girls in the Little Rascals?

Carlena Beard, Jean Darling and Dorothy De Borba.

What were the Little Rascals' girls' names?

Darla Hood , Jean Darling , Mary Kornman and Mary Ann Jackson .

What fictional characters names contain the word little?

Stuart Little

What characters names in the movie clueless?

The characters were Ty, Cher, Dion, and Amber.

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