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hi well i am a child so i watch it. there is troy who is played by Zack Efron

Gabriella played by Vanessa Hudgens

sharpay played by Ashley tisdale

Ryan played by Lucas Grabeel

chad played by Corbin Blue

Taylor played by Monique Coleman

there is a few more but i don't know who they are played by there is

martha , kelsi ,susan,coach boltan ,troys mum,mrs darbus,principle and a few others hope helped.

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Troy Bolton = Zac Efron

Gabriella Montez = Vanessa Hudgens

Sharpay Evans = Ashley Tisdale

Ryan Evans = Lucas Grabeel

Chad Danforth = Corbin Bleu

Taylor McKessie = Monique Coleman

anymore, let me know!

CharacterFilmHigh School Musical (2006)High School Musical 2 (2007)High School Musical 3: Senior Year(2008)Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure (spin-off) (2011)Troy BoltonZac Efron

Gabriella MontezVanessa Hudgens

Sharpay EvansAshley TisdaleRyan EvansLucas GrabeelChad DanforthCorbin Bleu

Taylor McKessieMonique Coleman

Kelsi NielsenOlesya Rulin

Zeke BaylorChris Warren Jr.

Jason CrossRyne Sanborn

Martha CoxKaycee Stroh

Ms. DarbusAlyson Reed

Jack BoltonBart Johnson

Boi (Sharpay's Dog)

Manly Ortega.[5]Mrs. MontezSocorro Herrera

Socorro Herrera

Vance Evans

Robert Curtis BrownMrs. Evans

Jessica TuckMrs. BoltonLeslie Wing Pomeroy

Mr. Fulton

Mark L. Taylor

Tiara Gold

Jemma McKenzie-Brown

Donny Dion

Justin Martin

Jimmie Zara

Matt Prokop

Mr. Danforth

David Reivers

Mrs. Danforth

Yolanda Wood

Principal MatsuiJoey Miyashima

Joey Miyashima

Peyton Leverette

Austin ButlerRoger Elliston

Bradley Steven PerryAmber Lee Adams

Cameron Goodman

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Troy: Zac Efron

Gabriella: Vanessa Anne Hudgens

Sharpay: Ashley Tisdale

Ryan: Lucas Grabeel

Chad: Corbin Bleu

Taylor: Monique Coleman

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Troy,Gabriella,Sharpay,Ryan,Taylor and Chad!

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zac effron vanessa hudgens Ashley tisdale

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Q: What are the names of the cast of High School Musical?
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How many high school musical books are there?

A fourth rendition of High School Musical is in talks, but none of the original six cast members (incl. Ashley Tisdale and Zac Efron) signed on for the movies, making the movie solely about the sophomores in the third movie (Tiara, Jimmy, etc.). Whether or not the making of the movie will occur is still under wraps, but the chance is slim without the all-star cast.

What is the cast names in high school musical?

Zac Efron: Troy BoltenVanessa Hudgens: Gabriella MontezAshley Tisadale: Sharpay EvansLucas Grabeel: Ryan EvansCorbin Bleu: Chad DanforthMonique Coleman: Taylor McKessieOlesya Rulin: Kelsi NielsenChris Warren Jr: Zeke BaylorBart Johnson: Coach Jack BoltenKayCee Stroh: Martha Cox

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he would kill everyone while they were asleep and ruin the film. ------------ I agree, that he would slaughter the cast if he had reason to. But I do not think that would be considered ruining the film.

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Zack efron best friend is corbin blue they met in 1999 they have in a couple of movies together like high school musical Zac has loads of bestfriends his clostest in the High School Musical Cast. NO! its his girlfriend haha no hes gay!

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