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Vocalist: Chad Gray

Bassist: Ryan Martinie

Drummer: Matthew McDonough

Guitarist: Greg Tribbett

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Greg Tribbett.

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his name is chad grey

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Q: What are the names of mudvayne?
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When was Mudvayne created?

Mudvayne was created in 1996.

Is mudvayne Republican or democratic?

Mudvayne leans more to the republican side of the line.

When was Dig - Mudvayne song - created?

Dig - Mudvayne song - was created in 2000.

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Is anyone from mudvayne gay?

All members of mudvayne have been accused and have been proven guilty of commiting multiple offenses under gangbangs, animal gangbangs, and homosexual sodomy.

Is the new song Disappear performed by Mudvayne?

no, claude kelly did.

What is the name of the guitar player for the band mudvayne?

gregg tribbett

Did mudvayne break up?

no, they made an album last year

Is the vocalist of mudvayne gay?

No, he married Kelli Olson in 2005