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Tom, Danny, Donny, Sara, George, Henry, Ted, Susie, Willie, Ruthie, Sally, Eve, Rosie, Nancy, Billy

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Q: What are the names of Ma and Pa Kettles kids?
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Crowbar and Geoduck

What was Ma and Pa Kettles dog's name?

Crowbar was the name of Pa Kettle's Indian friend.

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There are 10. Pa is only in 8 though.The Egg and I - 1947Ma and Pa Kettle - 1949[7]Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town - 1950Ma and Pa Kettle Back on the Farm - 1951Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair - 1952Ma and Pa Kettle on Vacation - 1953Ma and Pa Kettle at Home - 1954Ma and Pa Kettle at Waikiki - 1955The Kettles in the Ozarks - 1956The Kettles on Old MacDonald's Farm - 1957(Wikipedia)

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George Arglen has: Played Willie Kettle in "Ma and Pa Kettle" in 1949. Played Willie Kettle in "Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair" in 1952. Played Willie Kettle in "Ma and Pa Kettle on Vacation" in 1953. Played Howie in "Meet Me at the Fair" in 1953. Played Willie Kettle in "Ma and Pa Kettle at Waikiki" in 1955. Played Freddie in "The Kettles in the Ozarks" in 1956.

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