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Front Sight, a firearms instruction school, would definitely qualify. They serve up emails the length of a small book daily (seriously - yesterday's and the day before's were each over 4,000 words!) to list members.

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Q: What are the most annoying mailing lists?
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What are the best homeowner mailing lists to join?

Some of the homeowner mailing lists are experian, melissadata , infousa , usadata and listsource. The most popular of the mailing lists above is experian.

How does one avoid B2B Mailing Lists?

One can avoid being on B2B Mailing Lists by unsubscribing to the mailing lists. The way that this can be accomplished is clicking the unsubscribe hyperlink at the bottom of the email.

What is the best way to take a name off of a mailing list?

The most useful and easy way to get names off of mailing lists is through the website DMA Consumers. By signing up for Mail Preference Services, a name can be removed from mailing lists.

Where can one get apartment mailing lists?

There are a number of companies and brokers who provide apartment mailing lists for marketing purposes, for a fee. Dietrich Direct and DataMasters are two examples of companies which will provide apartment mailing lists on request.

How do you find mailing lists for apartment dwellers?

You can find mailing lists for apartment dwellers by contacting a marketing company. You can also find lists on the internet by doing a search.

What are christian mailing lists use for?

Christian mailing lists are targeted lists that show addresses and information for people. They may be used to send people brochures and information about products.

I need residential mailing lists. Which company provides this in an affordable price?

KM Lists provides cometitively priced residential/consumer mailing lists that are specific to your target market.

What is the purpose of targeted mailing lists?

The purpose of target mailing lists is to increase sales. targeted mailing lists send out information to potential customers who have shown a previous interest in the products being sold or fit the demographics of typical customers.

How does one build bulk mailing lists?

One can build bulk mailing lists using software from Spamhaus. Spamhaus can be used to create specific mailing lists of any size for sending emails. They also support blocking of spam messages.

Where can one buy mass mailing lists?

You are able to purchase mass mailing lists on the Internet. Just type mass mailing list and you will be shocked to see all the different sites that you can chose from.

How do you trace living relatives from a known ancestor?

You could use or net Also There are a lot of mailing lists for names and regions on Rootsweb and people are very friendly for the most part. Best of all, the mailing lists are free.

How do I get off of mailing lists for catalogs about clothing and sporting goods?

You need to write the adress inside of each one and ask to be removed from their mailing list. Untill they stop consider recycling them. Most mailing lists have link on the bottom that reads "unsubscribe." If that link is not there, you can call the companies themselves and talk to a representative.