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They are fun :)

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Q: What are the meet and greets like for one direction?
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Where can you buy One Direction 2014 meet and greet passes?

They don't have meet and greets this year

Do One Direction meet and greets happen before or after the concert?

i think if you get the vip package for their tour you get to meet them before but i dont know for sure

How can a child meet One Direction?

If you are willing to pay money, back stage passes for their tours have meet and greets where you can meet them. If you are expecting to meet them for free, keep looking online. Sometimes celebrities go in public to sign autographs.

How should one dress for a meet and greet?

Business casual is generally appropriate attire for most meet and greets.

How can you talk to Louis Tomlinson?

Through Twitter or go to one of their meet and greets or signings.

How much is it to meet all time low?

at their concerts they hold 2 meet and greets one if you're in their fan club and one for other fans ... it is free

Do the Jonas brothers do free meet and greets at concerts and if so how do you know if there is one and where?

u go to a concert then sneak into thiere room and meet them quickely

When is One Direction coming to California?

They are doing meets and greets in America now and will be touring North America soon.

Can you meet the Jonas Brothers at one of their concerts if you get there early?

Actually, they do meet and greets so if you look up the timings you could probably go for one.

How do you get Taylor Lautner to come to your house?

proboly go to one of the live meet and greets or somethin like that and ask him or give him your address and cell phone number if u have the guts!

Were can you talk to Mindless Behavior live?

At one of their concerts or performances either backstage or when they sign an autograph for you. Or go to one of their meet and greets.

How can you meet One Direction at a concert?

You meet them!