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Q: What are the marriagable age in china?
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Marriagable age in the USA?

It is 18, unless parental consent is given but that is a road rarely traveled.

Is the harvest goddess marriagable in hmds European version?

Most likely. I would say yes. :)

You are 17 and your finace is 19 and you live in Alabama and can you get married in Georgia. and what are the requirements.?

In Alabama the legal marriagable age is 18, however it is 16 IF you have parental consent. So, if you are 17(and not an emanicpated minor) you would need your parents to sign certain documents for you to get married in your home state. In Georgia, the legal marriagable age is also 18, 15 with parental consent, although you do not require parental consent if you are over 16 and pregnant(although getting pregant just so you can get married before your 18th birthday is generally not considered a wise choice.) HOWEVER, there are often laws that prohibit a person from moving temporarily to another state to get married(or circumvent age of consent laws) if they are not of age in their home state.

How old do you have to be to drink in China?

no drinking age is in china

China's Golden Age is characterized by .?

China's Golden Age is characterized by stunning development and innovation.

How old was Eve in the Bible when she sinned?

The Bible doesn't say, so we don't know. As she was a woman (not a child) when she was created, the matter of 'age' would seem to be somewhat irrelevant. She was evidently old enough to speak and was of marriagable age, and she had a degree of knowledge of right and wrong. Doubtless she was also old enough to know better.

What is the voting Requirements in China?

the voting age of china is 18

What is China's age laws for voting?

In the republic of China you must be 21 years of age

What kind of people were most honored in china's golden age?

The scholars were the most honored in China's golden age

Why was the Han Dynasty known as china's golden age?

it was the first empire in china

What was the stone age in ancient china?

China is one of the oldest civilization. There is no doubt that there were stone age people in Ancient China. They started to move around looking for food and other needs.

China Golden Age?

China's Golden Age was a period between 960 and 1279. This is a period of stunning development in China. The commercial development and the Tang Dynasty took part during this period.