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Some of the words are a bit iffy, but this is what I've got:

Brendon Fly did not know

The meaning of silence

So he fought

A morning lost to a noon

You can deny this

Though it's true

Eyes locked

Cold as ice

Tears have broken

All but one

Another sky belongs to reason

Lesser cares beneath her spells

All will fade and all dispelled

All I ask to seal my Horror is reason

A reason

I can't, don't know

Lost count and all it does


One more victim

Prevented all in time

Deep in your world

Deep in death

Close your eyes, induce surprise

This death is on our road

( x2 )

Four am

It's gone again

Sell our friends as leaning sunshine

In time life is numbed and lost in reason

Fear is not the lost he felt

Through it all I don't know how

Will now lost in free will

Tries, can't grow short

A waste if not done before

Losing our hell

A frenzy, won't you show

Where and when I lost the way

Close your eyes, induce surprise

This death is on our road

( x2 )


Please fuel my world ( x2 )

Close your eyes, induce surprise

This death is on our road

( x3 )

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Q: What are the lyrics to the song How do you Destroy the World Before Bedtime by the artist Elegy?
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