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I just spent 3 hours trying to get everything down. I know it's not all right but I did my best. If u find the real words to the parts I wasn't sure about email me at

(blah) <- I'M not sure about stuff in parenthesis.

So I like FPS it's ah, what can i say, there's nothin' like the rush of hunting people down and killin' em. I mean my hearts beatin', my hearts beatin', my hands are shakin', my hands are shakin' but I'm still shootin', and I'm still gettin' headshots, its like

Boom headshot boom headshot I'm still gettin the snipe its like boom headshot


I'm the king of the ring when I'm in the arena cause I'm beatin' everybody like when I beat Tina. I can throw down with the campers mentality, the Glock's puttin' stops to your whole camps reality. Sticky bombs flyin' all over the place, if I find ur body u know I'm humpin' your face. Dumb walkin' with my heavy machine gun, the words on your screen, u were killed by Z1. Yea. Come and run my direction, I don't give a d*** if u got double protection. It's a fatal attraction, (I'm wake) plays Quake and not Red Faction. Posted on a rock sniper rifle in hand, ur forehead's in sight all according to plan. Breathe wrong homey and u might get

caught, everybody in the rooms gonna know what I got cause it's a


Stuck around yo area, we (come into yo area.) It's necessary to be wary, u should be afraid of us. Got u in the sights of my rifle scope, better take a look around before yo head explodes. Takin' the show on the road, see the victims lag up. better watch were u go, or u might get shattered. U better cap yo grenades, if u step into us. (A bullet fly in yo body), see them piling up. I get a real sick pleasure outta watchin' em fall, rockets and grenades, I shot a free-for-all. I'm bout to whip out my (sickness, give my opinion), climb up to the top and start sniping at yo best friend. It takes 10 men to stop me, here I'm comin. (When I'm in the phantom,) I keep runnin' and gunnin'. Zealous and B-Bear, y'all better be scared, I don't care if you restart, I still be camping out to be there with a


Oh d*** B hit yo 9, 3 trumps in a line. Wait I'm low on ammo but I still got my knife. Need to reach a higher level 'fore I'm truly effective, killin' off pros and noobs, non selective. True dat dead, kay I'm ready to go. Sticky bombs in my hand, pop tops and throw. Yo my railgun's trackin' everyone in my sector, hey, yo, I'm in position, let me give you the vector. The coordinates match with the blips on my map, word to that, ok let's set up this trap. (Sendin' noobs in to be live bait, brain matter will splatter all according to fate. Yea there's no doubt look out they found my landmine. It's all good, now I got my snipe sights lined. Hahaha! This is easy like aiming at Tyra Banks. Making shots so accurate they're taking down tanks.


Yeah. B-Bear Zealous1. Hahaha.

Uh oh. Turn around. Whoops, too late.


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Q: What are the lyrics to the boom headshot song?
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