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I have recently watched the theme song on Facebook, but I don't know the lyrics to it. So my question is, What are the lyrics to the theme song of 'Girls stuff boys stuff' tv show?

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Going out,

Staying in,

Making noise,

Play to win,

___ ____ ____,

I dont care,

He can dance,

She can sing,

Going shopping


New CDs,


Junk food,

___ Shoes,

I got you and you got me

Girl stuff,

Boys stuff,

Girl stuff, boy stuff, girl stuff

And don't forget the boys stuff

Girls stuff boys stuff

We love our stuff and we can't get enough of it.

Hanna, Reanne, Talia, Jason, Ben, Simon,

Girl stuff boy stuff!

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Q: What are the lyrics to 'girls stuff boys stuff' TV show?
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