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The song does not have lyrics

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2009-01-09 23:41:18
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Q: What are the lyrics of the divine design theme song?
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Divine design theme song?

Divine Brown sings it. The lyrics go: Sweet ol' Bobbie Bobbie, Sweet ol' Bobby's Back now.

Who sung the divine design theme song?

A Canadian singer by the name of Divine Brown sings the theme song to Divine Design. I found this information on another site. The artist, Divine Brown has a couple of albums and one can tell by listening to her voice that she is the one! Unfortunately, I have not found a site that lists a download of the theme song.

Who sings theme song on divine design?

It is NOT Candice Olson; according to Candice, it is a singer named Divine Brown.

Where you can find the lyrics to the Doctor Who theme song?

The Doctor Who theme song has no lyrics.

What are the lyrics to Edge's theme song?

check the lyrics here of the Edge;s theme song:

What are the lyrics of the theme song for The Bad Girls Club?

what are the lyrics to badgirls club theme song?

What is the lyrics to theme song for Rules of Engagement?

What is the lyrics for the theme of Rules of Engagement

What are the lyrics to the theme song of the show Cops?

View the link below for the lyrics to the theme song of the show 'Cops'.

What is the theme song and lyrics for 'Good Luck Charlie'?

The theme song is called Hang in there Baby. You can google "Bridgit Mendler Hang in There Baby" lyrics and you can get the full song's lyrics. But if you just want the theme song version you can probably just google "Good Luck Charlie Theme Song Lyrics" and find just the lyrics that they use on the show (Maybe... probably) :D

Lyrics to kelly kelly theme song?

this one is pretty simple to answer go to you tube and search kellykelly's theme song with lyrics or go lyrics for WWE Kelly Kelly theme music

Who wrote the song lyrics for Vincent Lopez theme song Nola?

Nola was an instrumental theme song

Did the Bonanza theme song have words?

There are no lyrics to the Bonanza theme song //There are lyrics that go with the Bonanza theme song. Written by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans. Below is a link to the two different versions of the song.

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