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there names are Suffa, Pressure & Debris :) ***there real names are m.lambert(suffa mc), d.smith(pressure mc) and b.francis(dj debris)

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Every Year

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Q: What are the hilltop hoods birthdays?
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When was Hilltop Hoods created?

Hilltop Hoods was created in 1991.

What song in hilltop hoods says every body just scream?

The captured vibe restrung by the Hilltop Hoods

When was The City of Light - Hilltop Hoods - created?

The City of Light - Hilltop Hoods - was created on 2007-12-08.

When was Speaking in Tongues - Hilltop Hoods song - created?

Speaking in Tongues - Hilltop Hoods song - was created in 2011.

What is the song called by hilltop hoods on the SBS 1 tour de france ad?

Hilltop Hoods -- The Hard Road

When was State of the Art - Hilltop Hoods album - created?

State of the Art - Hilltop Hoods album - was created on 2009-06-12.

Do hilltop hoods have Facebook?

yes they all do

What does the hilltop hoods do to help the community?

In 2005 the annual 'Hilltop Hoods Initiative' was established in association with Arts SA, made possible by a donation from the Hilltop Hoods. Valued at $5000 (originally $3000), the Hilltop Hoods initiative helped young and emerging South Australian hiphop artists to manufacture and distribute a CD. The initiative also included two mentorship sessions with Hilltop Hoods' (previous)Manager, PJ Murton. The initiative recognizes the important role South Australian Government assistance played in the development of the careers of the Hilltop Hoods. As of 2009, the Hilltop Hoods Initiative became a National grant available to entry for any emerging Australian Hip-Hop artist.[8] Recipients so far include

Are the Hilltop Hoods popular in America or even heard of?

no they are not

Where can you download hilltop hoods parade of the dead for free?


How many Aria Awards have the Hilltop Hoods won?


How did hilltop hoods become famous?

please answer i need answers