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the 12 gifts for the movie The Ultimate Gift are...

1. the gift of work

2. the gift of money

3. the gift of friends

4. the gift of learning

5. the gift of problems

6. the gift of family

7. the gift of laughter

8. the gift of dreams

9. the gift of giving

10. the gift of gratitude

11. the gift of day

12. the gift of love

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Q: What are the gifts for the movie The Ultimate Gift?
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What is the ultimate gift?

the messages for the 12 gifts are.... 1. the gift of work- Jason must learn how to work for his money 2. the gift of money- Jason needs to learn how to handle his money very wisely 3. the gift of friends- Jason needs to find friends who will accept him even though he has no money 4. the gift of learning- Jason must learn, to learn 5. the gift of problems- Jason must learn how to solve his own problems. 6. the gift of family- Jason must know how to spend time with his family and work things out as a family 7. the gift of laughter- Jason must learn how to see the joy of life 8. the gift of dreams- Jason must have dreams, dreams of his own life 9. the gift of giving- Jason must learn how to be generous, especially with money 10. the gift of gratitude- Jason must learn how to be thankful for what he has/owns 11. the gift of day- what would you do with your last day on earth, or what do you want to do on a special day 12. the gift of love- Jason needs to learn how to spread his love one single special day

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What is the theme in the ultimate gift?

The theme is kindness because Aaron took Pidge home, fixed it up,fed it and took great care of Pidge.There is another that Aaron's grandmother was also very kind.

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