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District 1- Female: Glimmer ;Male: Marvel

District 2- Female: Clove; Male- Cato

District 5- Female: Foxface

District 11- Female: Rue; Male: Thresh

District 12- Female: Katniss; Male: Peeta

Others are unknown

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74th Hunger Games

1- Glimmer and Marvel

2- Cato and Clove

3- Both Unknown

4- Both Unknown

5- Foxface and Unknown Male

6- Both Unknown

7- Both Unknown

8- Both Unknown

9- Both Unknown

10- Both Unknown

11- Rue and Thresh

12- Katniss and Peeta

75th Hunger Games

1- Cashmere and Gloss

2- Enobaria and Brutus

3- Wiress and Beetee

4- Mags and Finnick

5- Both Unknown

6- Both Unknown (Morphlings)

7- Johanna and Blight

8- Cecelia and Woof

9- Both Unknown

10- Both Unknown

11- Seeder and Chaff

12- Katniss and Peeta

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In Hunger Games, they don't say. In Catching Fire, the girl is Johanna Mason and the boy is Blight.

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Q: What are the final tributes by name and districts?
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Did Suzanne Collins come up with names for the tributes from districts 3-10 in the first book?

No, in the first book "The Hunger Games," Suzanne Collins did not come up with the names for the tributes from districts 3-10. She only named the tributes from Districts 1, 2, and 12.

What are the keywords for the districts for the hunger games contest?


Which districts have tradionally tended to win the hunger games and why?

The Districts 1,2 and 4 are commonly know to produce "career" tributes. These tributes are highly skilled because of training since a young age. Because of this, many victors come from these three districts.

How many tributes were in the 50 hunger games?

24, two from each of the twelve districts.

What were the power districts in The Hunger Games?

The power districts aka career tributes are: District 1 - Luxury goods District 2 - They were favored by the Capitol and provided most Peacekeepers District 4 - Fishing

Who participates in The Hunger Games?

Two tributes (one male, one female) are drawn from each district, 12 districts total.

In chapter 20 of the hunger games who are the 6 final tributes?

Blood Poisoning

What final words of advice does Haymitch Abernathy give the tributes?

Stay alive

Why did they name part 1 of the hunger games tributes?

That's when the they pick the tributes for the game at reaping

What are Career Tributes and how are they threat?

Career tributes are tributes from Districts 1 and 2 (and 4 in the book, but not in the movie) They have trained for the games their whole lives, even though it is illegal, however they are favoured by the Capitol and so are not punished. The fact they have trained gives them the upper hand and so they usually win. They wait until they are 17 or 18 and then volunteer at the Reapings as they have a very high chance of winning the games. They are a threat to the other, less well-off tributes as they have skills that they have perfected over many years.

What is chasing after the final three tributes?

warewolves/huge dogs

How are the career tributes different from the others?

Career tributes in "The Hunger Games" are usually trained from a young age in combat and survival skills, making them more physically fit and experienced in the arena compared to the other tributes. They come from districts with a legacy of winning and are often more ruthless in their pursuit of victory. This sets them apart as more formidable opponents in the Games.