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Some of the most popular types of movies are romantic, comedy, drama, and Science Fiction. Other types are action, adventure, or Horror.

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Q: What are the different types of movies?
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Different types of Cinema?

romantic movies, comedies, horror movies, suspense , thrillers, documentaries ,B movies/ indie movies.

How many Michael Myers Halloween movies are their?

There are 11 different types of Halloween movies in which some are 3d.

What do you call a person who likes different types of movies?

Versatile. Interesting.

What does Blockbuster sell in their stores?

Blockbuster sells several different types of movies in their stores. These movies range from several different types of genres. These genres include comedy, comedy-romance, romance, drama, action, foreign, and/or horror.

Do Netflix have all types of movies?

They have different types of categories of movies such as: New Arrivals in TV, TV Drama, TV Comedy, Children & Family, Comedy, Action Adventure, New Movie Arrivals, Dramas, Critically Acclaimed Movies, and Thrillers.

What types of reviews are on Fangoria?

There are a variety of different kinds of reviews on Fangoria. Some of the different reviews available are for several different entertainment mediums that feature the horror genre. These types of reviews are for comics, books, toys, as well as movies.

What types of torrent files does the website The Pirate Bay provide?

The Pirate Bay provides the following types of torrent files; different types of movies files such as comedy, drama, movie for kids, adventure and porn movies. It also provides torrent files for music and games.

What are some popular dog movies?

There are many different types of dog movies. There are the comedies such as the Beethoven series or Turner and Hooch, and more serious dramas after the Old Yeller style.

What types of movies has Kate Beckinsale starred in?

Looking at the list of movies that this actress has been in or will be in, she plays in many different genres of films. There are comedies and dramas. There are thrillers and family movies. There is even a science fiction and a Christmas movie.

What type of movies are offered at IndiaGlitz?

IndiaGlitz, the website providing entertinament news for India, offers several different types of movies. They have movie selections from Tamil, Bollywood, Malayalam and Selugu.

What type of movies are produced at Cobra Video?

There are many types of movies that are produced at Cobra Video. Typically, the types of movies that are produced at Cobra Video are gay pornographic style films.

What type of movies does Robert Pattinson like?

which types of movies robert pattinson like

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