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Before The Hunger Games ever existed, there were 13 districts, but then the 13th one began to 'object' the capital. The president having "to-much-power" over the districts, basically "killed" district 13.

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The Complication in the Hunger Games is when Prim gets chosen instead of Katniss. Its expected that Katniss will be chosen but she doesn't, instead prim does. Then Katniss taking her place is also part of the Complication.

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Firstly, do not read this unless you have read the trilogy already.

In the first book, the two main characters both escape the Hunger Games even though this is not permitted in the rules.

In the second book, Katniss and Peeta are recalled into the third Quarter Quell even though as victors they are supposed to be safe from this. At the end, there is a rebel plot to free them all which doesn't go quite to plan and District 12 is destroyed.

In the third book, the supposedly extinct District 13 is found to be thriving. The book continues with many awesone characters (including newly wed Finnick Odair and Katniss's sister Prim) dying. Katniss realises that her real enemy is not President Snow, but President Coin of District 13 and she kills President Coin. Katniss also chooses Peeta over Gale and they have two children.

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Q: What are the complications in The Hunger Games?
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