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faith in god and a church

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Q: What are the career values and needs to become a pastor?
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What is armor bearer in the black church?

It's foolishness that's based on pride.Before a person became a pastor he/she carried their own bible.Then they become a pastor and the bible all of a sudden is to heavy to carry.So the pastor needs an armor bearer to dowhat he/she now thinks he/she is to important to! Pride!

What are career needs?

It all depends on the career itself.

What is a role of a co-pastor?

Well it all depends on the situation. For example if the main pastor of the church is sick many time's the co-pastor of the church will preach the sermon. And some times the co-pastor if some one needs help say like there is some one who needs prayer and the main preacher is in the middle of the sermon a co-pastor may ask if he or she can help pray in some way or say the main pastor is already helping some one pray the co-pastor can also help another person that is need or a prayer partner.

What kind of training does a pastor need?

The training a pastor needs is about three year and he will have to learn greek as well as the first bible was written in Greek.

What are the requirements to become a Eucharistic Ministry in a parish church?

To become an extraordinary minister of the Eucharist, one generally needs to be at least 18 years of age and/or a high school graduate. They must be a practicing Catholic and they must undergo training and be approved by their pastor and bishop.

My pastor says liking whales is a sin so is it wrong to like whales?

Sounds like your pastor has lost the plot, I'm not trying to be disrespectful, but I think he needs to get a grip.

Will the Church Of God In Christ release a pastor from a church when he is not able to serve the church fully or does cogic wait for death?

If the Pastor is unable to fully serve the church, he will still have the position of Pastor until his call to Glory, an Assistant Pastor or a designated person of ministry will conduct the services and tend to the needs of God's people.

How do you ask for your pastor's resignation?

You don't. God offends the mind to reveal what's in the heart, from the overflow of the heart the mouth will speak. Maybe the problem isn't the pastor but an underlying issue that needs to be sorted out.

Why do people gather at church?

To worship God, meet and find who needs help or gain comfort for their own needs, and to receive inspiration and instruction from the pastor or priest.

How can technology benefit your career needs?

This is from Cole Hillhouse. Techology can benefit your career and personal needs by helping you at a job or even in schooling. Technology has came a long way.

Who is the leader of the church pastor or deacons?

The pastor is a leader like a shepherd. Both the pastor and the deacons can bring recommendations to the congregation but usually the congregation votes on committees and recommendations by the committees. In the churches that I have seen the pastor has lots of influence but the deacons have the clout. When your deacons and pastor are at cross purposes then you are in danger of a split.Pastor or Deacons well who really runs the USA President or the Legislature. It's a balance of power.

In COGIC is the pastor a member of the Trustee Board?

My response is yes.Although I have not found no official word from the COGIC I base my answer on other factors that is known to the COGIC.The Pastor is the Chief Executive officer of the local church. The final decision on all matters of the church end with the Pastor.The Pastor is the visionary of the church and the business of the church is directly associated with that vision and thus the Pastor needs to be included on all business of the church.The Pastor is the chairperson and a voting member of the trustee board.The trustee board member is the pastor's advisor and prayer partner, a loyal supporter of the pastor, assisting in fulfilling the vision and goals God has given the Pastor for the church.The question makes me wonder if the board is wanting to gain an advantage and control over the pastor.It can also to be said that the pastor might have to much control.The truth is the pastor has that control and should lead with humility and direction from God.Every pastor needs the support of the members and every part of the ministry working in harmony.I pray this response helps you with your most sincere question.God Bless