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The best stand mixer in its price range is undoubtedly the Sunbeam Classic Stand Mixer (Chrome). It retails for around $125, and doesn't scrimp on quality.

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Q: What are the best stand mixers under 200?
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How important are watts when it comes to stand mixers For example is an 800 watt mixer twice as powerful as a 400 watt mixer?

Power ranges from 200 to 1000 watts in typical mixers. The more powerful the motor is, the smoother and better your dough and batter will be mixed.

How to Select a Mixer?

There are basically two types of mixers on the market that will satisfy the needs of almost any home baker. The most common type is the hand mixer. Prices for these mixers usually start at under $20 and will work well for occasional mixing. For cake batter and light duty mixing, a top rated hand mixer will cost about $75, and can perform most of the functions of stand mixers. Besides performing many mixing duties well, they are light, compact, and store neatly out of the way when not in use. Cooks who need heavier usage might require a stand mixer. These mixers can cost as much as $200 - $300, but will usually last for several years. Stand mixers are rather large and heavy, so if space is a concern, these mixers might not be the best choice. Stand mixers generally come with three standard attachments. These three attachments can typically perform almost any mixing task a homemaker might have. Flat beaters are used for mixing cake batters. The wire whisk works admirably for beating egg whites and other light ingredients such as whipping cream. This attachment can also be used to cream vegetables. The third attachment that comes standard with these mixers is a dough hook. The lighter hand mixers cannot offer the kind of performance needed to knead bread and cookie dough, so for these tasks, a stand mixer is the only way to go. Additional attachments are usually available so that tasks such as stuffing sausage or juicing citrus fruits can be performed with ease. These stand mixers may have up to twelve speeds and come with a larger motor than the smaller hand held mixers. This increased motor size enables them to mix for longer periods of time without overheating. Stand mixers typically come with a large mixing bowl. Usually stainless steel, the bowls are often from five to six quarts in size. Many parts of the stand mixers are dishwasher safe, but the consumer needs to carefully read the instructions that come with the mixer. Some parts do need to be hand-washed and dried.

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For the hand mixers, you will pay less than $50, but these can't handle a lot. For the professionals, you will pay more than $200 and sometimes more than that, depending on the model.

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What is the list price of KitchenAid stand mixers?

The list price varies depending on the model in question. A lower-priced stand mixer is listed at $270/‰âÂ220/å£200. They go up to about $500/‰âÂ390/å£330. You may also be able to save on the list price by comparing prices and shopping around.

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