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If Freddie Mercury (Farook Bulsara) was still alive, he would be 64 years of age. Brian May is 62 years of age, John Deacon is 60 years of age, and Roger Taylor is 62 years of age.

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Q: What are the ages of the members of the band Queen?
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What are the ages of the eagles band members?

they are all in their 60's

Did all the members of the rock band queen have indivdual number one hits?

All of the members of Queen had individual recordings outside of Queen, but none of them were successful.

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Amy the lead singer is 31 years old

When did queen the band get together?

Queen was first active in 1971 with all four band members (Freddy Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon).

What band had 4 members?

The Beatles, Queen, The Rolling Stones and so many others.

Are band members of queen gay?

yes they are,as far as I know

Which town did queen the band come from?

Guitarist and Drummer Brian and Rodger are from London and formed a band in 1971 . but the lead singer Freddie mercury (rock in peace) was from an Indian island .

What are the ages of the blacked peas band?

all of the members are 34 years old except for Apl.D.Ap who is 35 years old.

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What university degrees are held by members of rock band queen?

There where 4 band members to Queen Freddie Mercury (vocals + piano) Roger Talor (Drums) John Decon (Bass Guitar) Brian May (Lead Guitar)

When was Ice Ages - band - created?

Ice Ages - band - was created in 1994.

Can you unlock the metallica band members as a band on guitar hero metallica?

u don't have to unlock them. when u purchase the game, u would have the band members. but if u want to unlock different people like John Deacon from the band queen you have to get 5 stars on ceartian of the songs. hope i helped u.