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The Nexus started in February - March of 2010 - after Wade Barrett won the first Season of WWE NXT. Along with WWE Pro Chris Jericho, he put the Nexus members to the Raw Brand of the WWE;

Leader - Wade Barrett: Stu Bennett, Born 10th August 1980

Member - David Otunga: David Daniel Otunga Jr., Born April 7th 1980

Member - Justin Gabriel: Paul Lloyd Jr., Born March 3rd 1981

Member - Heath Slater: Heath Miller, Born July 15th 1983

Member - Michael Tarver: Tyrone Evans, Born 1977

Member - Husky Harris: Windham Lawrence Rotunda, Born May 23rd 1987

Member - Michael McGuillicutty: Joseph Curtis Hennig, Born October 1st 1979

Injured Member - Skip Sheffield: Ryan Reeves, Born November 10th 1981

Past Member - Daniel Bryan: Bryan Danielson, Born May 22nd 1981

Past Member - John Cena: John Felix Anthony Cena, Jr., Born April 23rd 1977

Past Member - Darren Young: Frederick "Fred" Rosser, Born November 2nd 1979

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Q: What are the WWE nexus members names?
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What are the WWE nexus members names in 2011?

CM Punk David Otunga Husky Harris Mason Ryan Michael McGillicutty

Does the WWE nexus exists?

In the present - No. In the past - Yes. Nexus was a band of WWE NXT rookies who formed a group and wrestled in WWE. They were headed by Wade Barret. The group was disbanded last year. All the members are now wrestling as singles competitors

What is the names of the new nexus members in WWE raw?

husky harris, cm punk, mason Ryan, Michael mcgillicutty. I don't know if these are because they're injured: Skip Sheffield, Michael Tarver

How do you unlock the nexus on svr 2011on ps3?

Three members from The Nexus (Wade Barrett, David Otunga and Justin Gabriel) are downloadable content from WWE Shop on PlayStation Store.

Are the nexus in WWE 2009?

No. Nexus was a new group that was in the recent past. None of them were even in the wwe in 2009

Why did the Nexus break up?

The rest of the members of Nexus returned and cost Orton a shot at the WWE Championship. Orton was drafted to SmackDown during the WWE Draft and defeated Punk at Extreme Rules which ended the feud between Orton and Nexus. Ryan later left the group because of an injury. Nexus quietly disbanded on August 22, 2011. Source: Wiki

Who won the nexus and wwe matchup at summerslam?

team wwe

Who wo team WWE or team nexus?

Team wwe

Is the neXUs in WWE all-stars?

No they are not

What is the best WWE theme?


Why does nexus hate the WWE?

Because they are an a$$

Ages of WWE nexus members?

wade barrett - 28 heath slater - 27 justin gabriel-30 david otunga-31