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Chocolate twinkies

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Q: What are the Hostess brand discontinued products?
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Has benson and hedges discontinued Viscount 100's?

Yest they have discontinued this brand.

What happened to maybelline mocha blast lip stick- forever metallics?

Maybelline discontinued the Forever Metallics lip color brand. By using their "Replace A Discontinued Beauty Products "on the official site, they recommended SuperStay 24 Color.

What products are discontinued from the 20 century?

Some of the products contained led and other chemicals which spoilt peoples skin, that's why products are discontinued from the 20 century.

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Why is Colombo yogurt being discontinued?

General Mills, Inc., which owned the brand, discontinued it to focus more marketing attention on its leading national brand Yoplait.

Did they discontinued trandolapr-verapam?

No its on a backorder for the moment. The brand is available

Do you really save on discontinued products?

yes u do

Have been discontinued?

Sadly, yes. Hostess says it does have plans to sell it's major products (Twinkies, WonderBread, Devil - Dogs etc.), though. I heard this today while watching Mecum Auto Auction. Don't loose hope yet, though!

Has brand name medication Theo-Dur been discontinued?


When will acuvue contact lens be discontinued?

Never. This is the best brand that is highly recommended for people who are trying to get use to wearing contacts (first timers). This brand feels like you are not wearing contacts at all. Why would it be discontinued?

Was hostess bakery named after first lady dolley Madison?

The Dolly Madison brand belongs to Hostess and was liquidated when they went out of business. They made snack cakes.

Is Bermont a discontinued instrument brand name?

dont know but i got a flute with the brand name "Bermont-American Engineer"