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There are many different staffing arrangements in Television channels. It may be divided into dozens of different departments.

Administrative Department:

This department is also responsible for formulation and implementation of administrative policies. Normally General Manager is the head of a television channel, the person ultimately responsible for all channel activities.

Marketing & Sales Department:

This department handles sales of channel commercials and works with advertising agencies and also responsible for assigning slots to local and national advertisers, scheduling advertisements etc.

Engineering Department:

The Engineering Department takes care of the day to day operations and maintenance of a TV channel. It also makes Planning & Procurement for a new project and also maintaining all the technical equipment.

Programmes and Production Department:

Programmes Department is responsible for making of programmes; Starting from planning a programme to the final presentation of the same. Those involved in programming decide what programmes should be telecast and at what time they should be presented.

News Department:

This department is responsible for news gathering, production and Telecast through news bulletins. Current Affairs, Sports, International desk, political desk are some of the key sub departments of News department.

Research Department:

This department collect TV rating points from various sources; they also do viewership survey on their own. Basing on the report they suggest the management and other departments; how to develop the content and other key functions, by which the viewership of the channel can be increased.

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Q: What are the Different departments in a news channel?
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