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once a code is used it can no longer be used again.

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Q: What are the DLC codes for Lego batman 2?
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What are the Lego batman 2 dlc codes?

B4kd55 Ot7b49 Kr58qw

Where can you find the Lego batman 2 DLC hero pack?

at walmart

How do you get the DLC character pack in Lego batman 2?

how to download transformers 2 dlc for ps3

What are the codes for Lego batman 2?


Can you play on the dlc characters for Lego batman 2 on wii?

no you cant but you can get it on ps3 or xbox

What are some codes for LEGO Batman 2?

gh3t3bd6djs6 jdg3hw7gj8k5 fdjcfmkrbvj68 these are some codes try them

What are the cheat codes for Lego batman 2?

The cheat codes are x2 FfAs23T x10 dof2vd2

Can you use Lego batman 2 5 heroes DLC in Australian PS Store?

You can if its an australian/ new zealand one

Is Lego Batman 2 the final Lego Batman game?


Is firefly in LEGO batman 2?

no he is only in lego batman 1

What is the difference between LEGO batman 2 and LEGO batman 2 limited edition?

lego suck thats it

What will Lego batman 2 be about?

the joker and lex luthor will team up and you get to be 50 DC super heroes(60 if you include DLC) I already finished it.