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Joel and Ethan.

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Q: What are the Coen brothers first names?
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When was Coen brothers born?

Coen brothers was born on 1954-11-29.

Where do the Coen brothers live?

According to Wikipedia, both Coen brothers live in New York City.

Who are the Coen brothers?

They are filmakers

Are the coen brothers Jewish?


This Coen brothers snowy thriller is called?


What were the first names of the Everly Brothers?

The Everly Brothers' first names were Don and Phil.

Complete the title of the Coen brothers' film The Big?


In which Coen brothers film does Albert Finney star?

millers crossing

Which Coen brothers film took place in North Dakota?


Who was the Director of no country for old men?

The Coen Brothers, Joel and Ethan.

Who are the Brothers in the Fargo movie?

there are no brothers in the movie, what you must mean is the movie was made by brothers Joel and Ethan Coen(Writer and Director)

What was the Coen brothers first film they wrote?

Blood Simple, unless you count the home videos they used to make.