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Q: What are some upcoming movies starring Zac Efron from New Line Cinema?
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Is Zac Efron dum?

But his movies are.

Where can one watch Zach Efron movies?

There is a website called Solar Movie which offers a lot of movies and television shows to watch. They have a large selection of Zac Efron movies listed on the site.

Is Zac Efron playing Edward Cullen?

Possibly in the upcoming Breaking Dawn movie, yes.

What movies does Zac Efron have coming out in 2013?

The Paperboy.

Is Zac Efron going to be in Transformers 4 Starring?

yes but jason statham will play cerneal William lennox and Zac Efron plays Sam witwicky

How many has Zac Efron made?

Zac Efron has been in 22 different movies and 14 TV shows.

Is Zac Efron still doing movies?

Yeah. He wants to be in more adult movies. Not disney.

Does zac efron sing in all of his movies?

Zac Efron's voice was blended with Drew Seeley for the character, Troy Bolton.

Who does Zac Efron like now?

Zac Efron is dating Vanessa Hudgens, his co-star in the High School Musical movies.

Did Zac Efron graduate from East High?

No, Zac Efron only graduated from East High in the "High School Musical" movies.

Is Zac Efron going to be starring in New Moon?

you know it sound very good cause he is extremly very cute actor but i get used to Robertt Pattison.i love ZAC EFRON

What kind of movies does Zac Efron like?

It is not stated on his biography pages.