What are some sad songs like Hallelujah?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The saddest song I've ever heard is 'Whisky Lullaby'. Can't remember the two who sing it, but cannot listen to it without crying. Really sad song.

i really like the song "who am i so say" by hope

i know a few people who cant listen to it without breaking out into tears.

its truley beautiful but sad

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Q: What are some sad songs like Hallelujah?
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What genre are sad songs?

You can get sad metal songs and you can get sad pop songs e.e. the killers do some sad songs... you know what I mean!

What sad songs to listen when sad?

my sad song play list i have compiled over about a month No surprises by Radiohead Boston by Augustana Mad world by Gary Jules Hallelujah sung by Jeff Buckley Someone like you by Adele My Immortal by Evanescence The One that got away by Katy Perry not like the movies by Katy perry

Are any of eminem's songs sad?

Yes - Eminem had a tough life and went through many trials and tribulations to get where he is now. Some sad songs are "Rock Bottom" and "If I Had." His sad songs often have the strongest lyrical content. Other sad songs by him- "When I'm Gone", "Stan", "Mockingbird".m - when I'm gone - I'm not afraid - spacebound - love the way you lie - like toy soldiers - mockingbird - without me - hayley

Sad songs for when your friends leave you?

WOW, that's sad! i hope your ok :) well im really into sad songs at the moment and these are my FAVOURITE songs... hope you like :) In Another Life - The Veronicas Sweatheart - Jont Sparks - Coldplay They are the *BEST*

What are some sad piano songs?

the river flows in you by yurmia.

What are some sad songs without words?

Bittersweet Symphony

What are Katy Perry's sad songs?

Katy Perry's sad songs would be The One that got Away, Thinking of You, Not like the Movies, and Wide Awake .

When was No More Sad Songs created?

No More Sad Songs was created in 2003.

When was Singer of Sad Songs created?

Singer of Sad Songs was created in 1969-06.

What are some sad songs by Daft Punk?

"Veridis Quo" is a little sad actually. EDIT: try "Something About Us"

What are some sad or love songs?

search on youtube so amazing by jannele

What are some themes for sad songs?

SadnessAbandonmentDepressionDon't judge a book by it's cover