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Rude Boy, Where Have You Been, Love The Way You Lie, Stay, Pon De Replay

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great answer thxxx!
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Rihanna sings rockstar 101 which says f__k and b__ch

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theres 'we found love' and i think 'man down' has no cuss words... i think theres more but thats all i can think of now.. hope it helps!

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Q: What are some of rihanna's songs without cursing?
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Do some of lady gagas songs have cursing in them?

Yes. Some of her songs do have words that are considered inappropriate in them.

What are some good pop songs with no swear words?

A good pop boy band that I know of that has no swearing in their music is One Direction and a good artists that has cursing in her music but she has meaning in her songs which kinda pushes any cursing the her music aside is Lady Gaga.

Why do some Blessthefall lyrics have bad words?

Almost all bands have some songs with cursing. It's almost just a way to get their feelings out.

What are some of Rihannas favorite celebritys?

madonna celine dion and micheal jackson

What are some sad songs without words?

Bittersweet Symphony

Bad words in Taylor swifts songs?

some of you are wondering what this question and yes she does say bad words in her songs. She says damn in cold as you and tear drops as you. Cursing but just says that word in The way i Loved you ( i love that song ) and says gay in picture to burn.

How does Rihannas face look after her beating?

It looked pretty bad, there are some pictures on Google images.

Does young money sing without lil wayne?

Yes in some songs

What do violent video games do?

Well it really depends on the game, some games have just hand to hand violence. But others have shooting, they can also have cursing in them. In most games you can turn the cursing and gore off.

Can you download songs to a CD from a music website without erasing the songs you already have downloaded on it?

It depends on the type of CD. Some CD's are just "writeable" some are "write/rewrite"...the rewriteable ones are the ones that can be added to

Does resident of evil 5 have bad words?

There is some cursing inside of Resident Evil 5

What are some of the songs by Westlife?

Westlife has done a lot of remixes of songs. These include, "Swear It Again", "If I Let You Go", "Flying Without Wings", "I Have a Dream", and "Against All Odds".