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haha never ever ever in ur life krump to jsquad beats those are not what people krump to these days jsquad is wakk nd imma real krumper my bigg homie is under spade if u want traxx hmu on aim but here are some good 1nse thoo

search for traxamus,chez,jtight,roxomus,jrealz,alkemist,lil alkemist,or autotoon and for more hmu on aim flyn508 or email me

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Q: What are some good krump songs?
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Why do people krump?

some people just do it for fun others jst put all their anger out into the dancing arts of krump.

Stomp The Yard Krump Music?

One of the songs is called TTBz Anthem, and it's by Tha J-Squad.

How do you learn how to krump?

If you don't have access to local krump fams, or any krump dancers, then watch as many current krump videos as you can. But learn the basics first: stomps, chest pops, and arm swings.

What actors and actresses appeared in Get Krump - 2005?

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Was it god who created krump?

nah dawg, my nizzle c-dizzle created krump, wen we be cruzin down compton, FO SHO!

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