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Its rare to find a good christian comedy movie these days but believe it or not there are some out their. Apostle comedy, Acts of Comedy, Heaven is Waiting, Brimstone and Fully Alive are a few of the Christian comedies that are out today.

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Sure, this has to be the best Christian comedy out there
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My Buddies. That's a Christian comedy sitcom that you will find on YouTube.

It's about five friends who find Jesus Christ as they go through life. David is a scientist and looking for true love. Deborah his sister is a blonde looking for a real relationship with Jesus Christ. Lisa is his highschool friend, looking for adventure in her life. Lee is a lawyer and Mike is a cab driver. The entire sitcom rotates around these five characters. It starts off when they are all in their twenties and it skips ten years, when they are in their thirties.

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Q: What are some good Christian comedy movies?
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