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well, heres 2:

they were both made my pretty pretty me!lol, hope you enjoy. they ask for surveys, they have storys on them and they give you advice on how to handle bullies, boys and theres always the secret of the day!! see ya there!!

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14y ago
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13y ago

It depends what you are looking for

As far as gaming, i like virtual let sites like neopets

But i have recently found a site i love where a majority of the community members are older than the ten year olds at neopets so i guess its more suited for teens. Its called icepets, here is a refferal link

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9y ago

1 (have 2 buy a code)



4 (i think Google it)


7 facebook for kids (Google it)





12 (you have to download it) (download) (download)

19world of warcraft (buy it from gamestop)

20 (try respelling it PS its an MMORPG)

31belles beauty boutique (download) (download)

43diner dash (download)

44wedding dash (download)

47bp gas mainia (Google it) (you can only get up to 2500 points)

check them out! hope u liked them

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12y ago

I don't really have any games in specific, but is good.

Call me, 647 922 6292 for more info, thanks

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13y ago

my favorite is facebook but that's just my preference.. myyearbook is fun too but i would say that YouTube and facebook win

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Q: What are some age appropriate online games for preteens?
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What are some online gamees for preteens?

club penguin, I cant really think of anything else

What are some good games to play online for ten year old girls?

Some good, appropriate games online for ten years old girls are generally fashion type games. These games can be found on the website, Girl Games 123.

What are some good games for preteens or teens? ( 10-12 ) ( Has good games )Webkinz.comSeventeen.comSmall

What are some games for girls online for the age of 10 years?

Some games that are appropriate for girls online at the age of 10 years are dress up games and princess games. The Nickelodeon and Disney websites may offer some good games featuring "Dora the Explorer" and Cinderella.

Where are some places online that you can play dolphin-themed games?

Some places that one may play dolphin themed games online include the websites "Pogo" and "Wild Tangent". The games are easy and appropriate for all ages.

What are some good dating sites for preteens like 11 13?

try to check out dateinsky. mylol and as always be careful online. not everyone is as they seem. Answer Preteens have no business dating, especially online. -------------- Pre-teens should not be dating online. Arrange for adult supervised parties with others your age and have a good time.

What are some Christmas games to play at a party with preteens? could do Secret Santa or............... sorry I can't think of anything else.

What are some alternatives to calling preteens kids?

In Canada they are referred to as 'Tweens', but some preteens don't always like that label either. 'Kids' seem to be the term most widely used by adults because it includes preteens and teens.

Is there membership free online games?

Some online games yes and some no.

Is there a website for preteens to talk to other preteens of the opposite gender?

there are definitely some for teenagers, perhaps if you wait a little while mate.

Do you have some avatar chat sites for preteens?

What are some fun sites for preteens to go on?