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Scratch dent appliances are just that, your regular appliances that are either scratched or dented. These appliances can be purchased at a discounted price from most of your regular retailers.

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Q: What are scratch dent appliances used for?
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Where can you buy scratch and dent appliances in Chicago?

Sears would be a great place to look for scratch and dent appliances in Chicago.They sell hundreds of appliances and are more than willing to reduce the price when a scratch or dent is noted.

Where can I purchase scratch and dent appliance online?

You can purchase Scratch and Dent appliances at Sears or at any local appliance store. Sears is located in many malls and they have a website that will be there for your convenience.

Where can you buy cheap scratch and dent appliances in Melbourne?

You can find cheap scratch and dent removing appliances at ten Nicholson Street Coburg drive. Many people are satisfied with how cheap it is do do removeals and how well it is done.

Where can used appliances be bought in Houston?

Houston, and surrounding communities, has many places to purchase used appliances. Craigslist is often overflowing with used appliances. For traditional stores, try such places as Scratch N Dent Appliances, Justified Appliance, and Donation Town.

Is there a product on the market to improve a scratch or a dent in appliances?

If the appliance is stainless steel, a scratch can be improved by using a stainless steel scratch removal kit. Scratch-B-Gone, and Rejuvenate Stainless Steel Scratch Eraser Kit are both products that can improve the appearance of a scratch or dent in an appliance.

Does Home Depot sell scratch and dent appliances?

The Home Depot sells appliances that have been scratched or dented in their scratch and dent warehouse. These appliances work perfectly fine and sometimes the scratch or dent is very small, but you can often find large discounts at these stores throughout the country.

What is usual discount for a scratch and dent appliance?

You can buy the "as is" scratched and dented appliances at one of the Scratch and Dent appliance Superstores located in Ontario, Canada. There is one located in Kitchener that you can check out for more information.

Who do you turn to when you dent and scratch your appliances?

Scratch and dent appliances are appliances offered at a reduced cost due to scratches or dents. These are usually new, unused appliances that are offered at a significantly reduced price due to blemishes which probably occurred in shipping or while on the floor of the store.

Where can I can get cheap appliances?

Sears has a reputation for dependable appliances. The Sears Outlet stores have cheaper prices and you may find new in the box discontinued models as well as the scratch and dent discounts.

Where can I find a home appliance repair service?

Sears has a lot of great home appliances, they are one of the top sellers in this country. They also have a scratch and dent center in many places and there really is no damages to the appliances just a little ding here and there.

What products can one use to repair a car scratch at home?

If it is a scratch in the paint there are touch up kits available from a car dealership's parts department. For a dent and scratch add some dent filler to the touch up kit to fill in the dent.

Where can I find clearance washer and dryers?

I love to purchase all of my appliances from Lowe's. They always have items on clearance. They also have a section in the back that has scratch and dent models that you can purchase for deep discounts.