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In piano music, notes are connected by slurs. These slurs indicate that the notes should be played smothly, with no breaks. A phrase is the point from the start of that segment to the end of it. A phrase can also be a place where the music gets louder and then softer.

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Q: What are phrases in piano music?
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How long can phrases be in piano music?

Very long, as long as the composer can/wants to make it. But it typically sounds better with a "breath" or two. We describe piano music as "like singing, where when you come to a rest or the end of a phrase, it is as if you were taking a breath during your singing of the song." Most composers that produce good music will have many phrases and rests throughout the piece, yet not so many that it becomes choppy and boring. Most composers want their music to either be beautiful or emotional. Especially the more unfortunate ones: they put their feelings into their music and that music is usually pretty interesting...if you take a closer look.

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Yes the piano plays jazz music. The only difference is the style in which the piano is played.

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