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People of Montgomery

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Q: What are people from Montgomery called?
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British general during ww2 called monty?

Bernard Montgomery

British general called monty during World War 2?

Bernard Montgomery

Who is a god among people?

Eric Montgomery

Who was the British General called Monty during world war 2?

Bernard Montgomery

Who is John Montgomery?

john montgomer is a famous guy who lived in alabama. The council of alabnama was so inspired by him that they named the capital city after him it is now called montgomery. Montgomery is the capital of ALABAMA

How many people live in Montgomery county Indiana?

The population in Montgomery County was 38,124 as of the 2010 U.S. Census.

What was the Cradle of the Confederacy?

The city of Montgomery was called the Cradle of the Confederacy.

In the house of night series what is Zoey's brother called?

Kevin Montgomery

Why did people walk from selma to Montgomery Alabama?

The right to vote.

Is Charles Montgomery the father of Madison Montgomery?

No, Charles Montgomery is not Madison Montgomery's father.

Who was Erwin Montgomery?

I just wondering if you are mixing two people up here. Erwin Rommel, The Desert Fox Bernard Montgomery, or Monty as he was known

Is anyone from the Montgomery Bus Boycott still alive?

Yes, there are people from the Montgomery Bus Boycott who are still alive. Most of them are likely in their 70s or 80s.