What are kinds of gas?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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oxygen,carbon dioxide,helium,hydrogen,ch2

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Q: What are kinds of gas?
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What are the kinds of matter?

The kinds of matter are solid, liquid, and gas.

What kinds of gas were used in World War 1?

Tear gas, mustard gas, phosgene and chlorine gas.

What are the kinds of fuels?

oil fuels & gas fuels

What are the examples of kinds of matter?

There are three kinds of matter: gas: argon; liquid: water; solid: wood

2 kinds of matter?

the two kinds of matter is the solid,liquid and these are the 1 more matter its gas

What kinds of gas have mass?

all do. gas is a type of matter andall matter has mass and volume.

What kinds of gas was used in World War 1 against soldiers in the trenches?

Mustard Gas

What kind of gas should you use?

There are number of different kinds of gas you should use. The gas you should use depends on the situation.

What kinds of gas do Ferraris use?

they take reguler and priemum

What kinds of media transmit sound?

Gas, Solids, Liquids

What kinds of matter carry heat by convection?

liquid and gas

What are some different kinds of fuel?

unleaded ethanol gas etc.