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Q: What are jessica biel's body measurements?
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Who is the husband of Jennifer Beals?

what race is jessica biels

Is Jessica beals related to Jennifer bealsJennifer Beals?

what race is jessica biels

What was jessica biels first acting job?

Go to and look her up there. It will list all her credits, though it will not included commercials.

What is the measurements of Jessica Rabbit?

48 -10 -36

What is Jessica Biel's measurements?

34 24 36

What are Jessica Alba's measurements?


What do the numbers in almost love by Jessica jarrell mean?

34 24 & 36= Jessica's measurements 14/15= Jessica's age & "his" age 5"6/5"10= Jessica's height & "his" height 323215278= Her Saynow (?)

What are Jennifer Lopez's body measurements?

Measurements: 34B-26-38

Which measurement of body composition is more accurate bmi measurements or percent body fat measurements from hydrostatic weighing?


What is Jessica Simpson's height?

34D (75D)

Would anyone know Jessica Rabbit's height measurements bra size and perhaps weight if she was real?

Her official measurements are 40-23-40, but that's all I know.ANOTHER ANSWERI took measurements based on the Jessica Rabbit Large statue that I have, because it is physical and therefore measurable; I assumed Jessica to be 6', like a Runway Fashion Model (she's statuesque) and also for ease of comparing her to the famous "Barbie Real Life Measurements". Based on this scale, her measurements are:JESSICA RABBIT'S MEASUREMENTSSCALE cm x 1.322 = "Body Height: 6'High Heel: 4.6" HeelTOTAL HEIGHT: 6' 4 3/5"BUST: 38NWAIST: 17HIPS: 34CUP SIZE N (31lbs of breast tissue!)Shoe Size: 1 wmnRATIOSLegs: 3' 7.5"Top: 1' 4.4"Her Legs are 2.64 x's LONGER than her Torso.That's like your legs going up to your nipples.Hip Waist Ratio: 0.51Beyonce is considered super curvy and physically perfect with a .7 H/W Ratio!Jessica is even crazier!Oh, and Jessica would weigh 109 pounds when compared against "Barbie's Real Life Measurements". The interesting thing is that 33% of that weight is just from her boobs!Hope that helped!Jayson!

What is Jessica sutta's weight?

Jessica Sutta was born on May 15, 1982. She is 5 feet 3 3/4 inches tall and weighs 114 pounds. Her measurements are 34-25-34.