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Selena is a only child.

Her best friend is Demi Lovato who she met on her first show, Barney and Friends.

She auditioned three times for Wizards,but took 2 years to get ready for the show.

She loves pickles.

She has dated Taylor Launter and Nicholas Jonas.

Selena was born in Grand Prarie, Texas.

Her parents are divorced.

Her other best friend is Talyor Swift.

She loves Christina Aguilear.

Her favorite band is Paramore.

Her middle name is Marie

Her nicknames are Sel and Selly.

She was named after the famous Tejano singer, Selena.

She hosted on Air Band casting call for sears in 2009.

She adopted one of her pets from the animal shelter.

She knows how to play polo.

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I am a huge Selena Gomez fan, here are some cool facts!

Full name: Selena Marie Gomez

Birthday: July 22 1992

Fav choc: snickers

here are some gossip secrets!

her and demi lovato had a fall out but are now friends again! (just to clear it up for you)

she loves cheryl cole! and one day wants to sing with her!

hope that was a help :)

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Q: What are facts about Selena Gomez?
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selenas email is

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