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This is the order of the Basshunter Music Videos.

1.) Now You're Gone - She is fighting with old boyfriend (Lucas) and they get back together in the end at a party.

2.) All I Ever Wanted - Aylar and Lucas go out, she sees him with another girl and walks away.

3.) Angel In The Night - Aylar gets a text from Lucas apologizing, but she closed the phone. Jonas (aka basshunter) talks to Aylar (the girl) in a restaurant for the first time, and at the end, they kiss for the first time.

4.) I Miss You - Jonas and Aylar are at a cabin during Christmas with some friends and have a party.

5.) Every Morning - He attempts to propose but his friends keep pulling him away. Then aylar goes swimming with friends and ends up missing.

6.) I Promised Myself - Jonas gets a call saying they found Aylar and she is in the hospital. When Jonas gets there he sees Lucas holding Aylar's hand.

i know for a fact that the fist three are correct, because i saw an interview where the producer said that angel in the night was fallowing now you're gone and all i ever wanted. however, i am not sure if i miss you should be number four.

I am almost positive i promised myself is right after every morning, and i am pretty sure that i miss you is before every morning, because it makes sense in the time line.

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Q: What are basshunter songs in order?
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Si the basshunter girl broke up with basshunter?

In the music videos and his songs yes.

How many songs does basshunter have?

there 82 songs he has officially produced.

What instruments did basshunter use?

He used a synthesizer or his songs.

What language is dota by basshunter in?

"DotA" by Basshunter is in Swedish, but he does have songs that are in English. "DotA" is in Swedish because Basshunter was born in Sweden. (His real name is Jonas Erik Altberg).

How many songs do Basshunter have?

Quite alot. before he was famous

What are facts about basshunter?

there songs are amaising any thing that isn't bass generation sucks

What is the term basshunter referring to?

Basshunter seems to refer to a Swedish singer-songwriter and DJ. His most well known songs include "Dota" and "Boten Anna". He has released six albums.

Why has basshunter stop making songs?

Because he went on "celebrity big brother" and that ruins your career.

What are some Names of techno songs with words?

I really like Basshunter-"Now You're Gone" and "All I Ever Wanted"

Who sings Basshunters English songs?

Basshunter himself does... He knows quite a bit of English, I saw an interview where he spoke only English.

Is basshunter British?

Basshunter is not British. He was born and raised in Sweden.

When was Basshunter born?

Basshunter was born on December 22, 1984.