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January - Royal Rumble

February - No Way Out

March - Nothing this year

April - WrestleMania and Backlash

May - Judgement Day

June - Extreme Rules (used to be One Night Stand) and Night of Champions

July - Great American Bash

August - SummerSlam

September - Unforgiven

October - No Mercy and Cyber Sunday

November - Survivor Series

December - Armageddon

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  • Royal Rumble - January
  • Elimination Chamber - February
  • Wrestlemania - March
  • Extreme Rules - April
  • Over The Limit - May
  • Fatal 4 Way - June
  • Money in the Bank - July
  • SummerSlam - August
  • Night of Champions- September
  • Hell in a Cell - Early October
  • Bragging Rights - Late October

That is all WWE has released on there website.

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Q: What are all the paper view events for WWE?
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Do they sell DVDs on WWE events?

The WWE produces DVD's off all of its' pay-per-view events. It is usually several months after the event has taken place.

Which is the biggest wrestling shows of WWE brand?

WWE has numerous great Pay Per View events. Wrestlemania is their biggest show which happens once a year. SummerSlam, Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber etc are all other popular PPV events. RAW and Smackdown are WWE's famous weekly shows.

Where are WWE events held?

all around the world

How much does pay per view cost?

For the high-definition (HD) pay-per-views, WWE charges $49.99 for all their PPV events, except for WrestleMania, which costs $64.95.

What website to watch WWE daily?

You can watch all wwe events on the following websites

What WWE pay-per-view is called 'The Granddaddy of them all?

wrestlemania is often called like that as well as the grandest stage of them all

How much does WWE pay per view cost?

For the high-definition (HD) pay-per-views, WWE charges $49.99 for all their PPV events, except for WrestleMania, which costs $64.95.

How do you view events your attending on facebook?

On the home section of your profile( the main page you see when you log on with all the status updates on) Scroll down and there is an event section (this is where it shows your friends birthdays ect) Click on view all and you can look at past and upcoming events.

Who are the WWE storywriters?

WWE has a Creative Team. Which is a team of writers that write the script for televised events. Road agents also play influence in creative devisions often. This is all headed by Stephanie McMahon, head the Creative Team. Vince McMahon is the highest authority of all and makes the final decision/approval of all creative happenings in WWE's television and products.

Is Candice Michelle going to wrestle at 3 for all?

maybe, i don't know. Wwe saves the superstars that were out for a long time and put them in big events

Where can you watch old WWE episodes for free include links please?

Legally - nowhere. All WWE events are copyrighted by the WWE and hence legally you cant watch it for free online. You need to subscribe to the TV Channel that airs the show in your country or buy DVD's that WWE releases. There are many sites that actually record WWE shows and uploads them to sites like youtube but they get taken down regularly because of WWE's copyright claim.

Is the ufc now all pay per view?

No. The UFC has monthly events that are partially pay-per-view where the main card fights are available only on pay-per-view. Even during these monthly events there are preliminary fights that are shown in FX as well as in YouTube & Facebook. Apart from these monthly pay-per-view events, UFC also has regular events which are aired live on TV channels. Those events are named UFC on Fuel TV or UFC on Fx etc. these are free to watch as long as you have subscribed to the channel that is airing the shows