What are all the botdf songs?

Updated: 8/30/2023
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OMFG Sneak Peak


• Well Suck Me! lyrics

• I.D.G.A.F. lyrics

• Looking Hot, Dangerous! lyrics

• It's All Happening! lyrics

I Scream I Scream EP


• Scream For My Ice Cream lyrics

• Siq With A Q lyrics

• Up All Night! lyrics

• Miss Bipolar (Love Fight) lyrics

• Suicide Club lyrics

It's Hard To Be A Diamond In A Rhinstone World


• Slash Gash Terror Crew Anthem! lyrics

• Save The Rave lyrics

• Wet Dream War Machine lyrics

• It's Hard To Be A Diamond In A Rhine Stone World lyrics

• Mosh And Roll lyrics

• Keys To The Bakery lyrics

• Mad Rad Hair lyrics

• Ima Monster (heart On My Sleeve) lyrics

• Do You Want To Be A Superstar? lyrics

• Botdf Dj Pickee Remix lyrics

• S My D lyrics

Let's Start A Riot!


• Let's Start A Riot lyrics

• I Can't Get Enuff lyrics

• Bitches Get Stitches lyrics

• Blood On The Dance Floor lyrics

• Sex And Violence lyrics

• I <3 Hello Kitty lyrics

• You're A Dancer, You're Not A Lover lyrics

• Modern World Christ lyrics

• Money And Hoes lyrics

• Till Death Do We Party lyrics

• I Hope You Choke lyrics

• Fallen Star lyrics

• Libertine lyrics

Non-Album Songs Lyrics


.Death To Your Heart

.Beautiful Surgery

.Sugar Rush

.Lose Control


.Horrifically Delicious .Looking Hot, Dangerous!

.Inject Me Sweetly


.Scream for my ice cream

.Love Struck


.What Dreams Are Made Of

.It's on like Donkey Kong!

.Party On

.Sluts get guts

.You Done Goofed

.Success Is the Best Revenge

.Innocent High



  1. Dark Dreams (featuring Lady Nogrady)
  2. Find Your Way
  3. Happy Violentine's Day!
  4. Bewitched (featuring Lady Nogrady)
  5. Nirvana
  6. All The Rage!
  7. The Untouchables
  8. X x 3
  9. P.L.U.R.
  10. Star Power!
  11. Yo Ho! A Pirate's Life For Me
  12. The Loving Dead (Re-Vamp Album Version)
  13. My Gift & My Curse (James Egbert Remix)
  14. Love Sucks (My X Is A Vampire)
  15. G.F.A. (featuring JJ Demon) (featuring Nick Nasty) (featuring Lady Nogrady)


1.Right To Love

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Sexting remix with Jefree Star <3

Ima Monster

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Q: What are all the botdf songs?
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How many people are in botdf?

There are 4 in botdf.

Is the band BOTDF all boys?

No there is one girl in the band.

Who is all in BOTDF?

All of the members in the band BOTDF Are Dahvie Vanity, 26 years old, And Jayy Von Monroe, 21 years old. An old member of the band is Jefferee Star.

Is jay bigga from botdf really gay?

is jay from botdf really gay

Is mindless behavior the best band ever?

nope its all about BOTDF ;D

Why did Garret Ecstacy leave botdf?

Because Dahvie and Garrett got in a fight around the whole time of the &quot;Jessi Slaughter&quot; story and there were other reasons such as Garrett never doling anything at rehearsals, doing cocaine, crashing the tour bus, coming to rehearsals all drugged up, and and preforming without the rest of BOTDF. By the way, this is not hate towards Garrett, I LOVE him along with all of BOTDF

Who is BOTDF sound engineer?

I think BOTDF is mainly dance, electric, crunk etc .. Some of their music has some dubstep back ground (party on- botdf) so that's my best description; hope it help a little

Who is the lead singer for botdf?

Dahvie Vanity!

How did BOTDF's music get popular?

Their perverted lyrics -___-

What is garret ecstasy?

He is a former member of BOTDF.

Is jeffree star in bewitched by BOTDF?

I think he's in the background of the Bewitched video when everything is all colorful, but he's not in the song.

Can i date jayy von monroe from botdf?