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The man single reflections from the walls, the ceiling, and the bottom.

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Q: What are Reverberation in concert halls caused by?
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Soft materials are sometimes used in concert halls to prevent what effect?

Reverberation! :)

What are the two largest and best concert halls in London?

The O2 Arena (20,000 capacity) and Wembley Arena (12,500 capacity) are the largest indoor concert venues in London.

Why are concert halls often designed as round or curved auditoriums?

hi erinSimply to improve the way travels throughout the room.The sound of music in halls (acoustics or reverberation) will be altered due to the timing of echoes within the hall and the rate at which they decay away. Echoes with a long delay are generally undesirable and confusing to the ear, so large sheets of hard material (baffle boards) are suspended within the hall and used to reflect sound (make echoes) at short delay times from the stage, rather than allowing the sound to travel as far as the walls or ceiling to create echoes at long delay times. Baffle boards may also be curved in order to disperse echoes to make them less obvious to the ear. Soft absorbent materials are used to prevent echoes from distant parts of the hall which might otherwise create echoes with long delay times. The soft furnishings of seating, carpeting and even the people in the audience will absorb sound and reduce echoes. The essential quality of a concert hall is called the "reverberation characteristic" which is a measure of the timing of the echoes and the rate at which they die away. In a concert hall, a certain amount of reverberation is desirable and pleasing to the ear, while in a recording studio reverberation is prevented as much as possible. Concert halls are regarded generally as having "lively" acoustics while recording studios are regarded as having "dead" acoustics.

why sound absorbing are kept in walls on cinemas halls?

because it allows only direct sound to reach the audience .they are even made up of sound proof wall with the concept of two walls and a gap between them so that the sound does not go out and disturb the other people and in another hand to much echo and reverberation makes the sound muddled and we cannot hear anything (dialogues )etc .clearly.therefore , sound absorbing materials are kept in the cinema halls.

Who is the guy in the elevator in the Halls commercial?

It is not known who the guy is in the elevator in the Halls commercial. The Halls commercial premiered in 2008.

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Reverberation in conceret halls is caused by what kind sound?

Reverberation in concert halls is caused by diffraction.

Reverberation in concert halls is caused by?

From the vibration the bass gives off.

Soft materials are sometimes used in concert halls to prevent what effect?

Reverberation! :)

Is Reverberation in concert halls is caused by?

From the vibration the bass gives off.

Multiple echos in a concert hall?

In concert halls the walls are made out of acoustic materials. The materials, as well as the amplifier may result in multiple echoes in a concert hall.

Where was the messiah performed?

At concert halls NOT at church

Would a full concert hall have different reverberation from an empty hall?

the concert hall has fabric on the walls that absorbs the sound and a gym doesnt

Why would reverberation be a problem when using a gym for a concert?

most gyms do not contain carpet or a substance that can absorb sound, the concert would be overwhelmingly loud and echo constantly

During the nineteenth century concert life began to center in the?

publlic concert halls

What is the sound like in bass concert halls?

In bass concert halls, the sound is amplified by the size of the open empty room. The sound reverberates off the walls to make it sound louder and deeper than it really is.

Were type of venues rock bands perform at?

concert halls, stadiums, school halls, bandshell, bandstand and clubs, party's, evets- occoasions.

Do you have to have id to get into a Lil Wayne concert?

Like 1/100 Venue Halls. Not most of the time.