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He liked to draw and doodle. he Hated school

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No, in fact not. He has Dutch Mennonite ancestors.

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I think that he is agnostic.

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Q: What are Matt groening's hobbies?
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What were Matt Groenings childrens names?

Homer, Abe

What is the name of Matt groenings dad?

Matt Groening's dad's name is Homer Groening

What are the names of Matt groenings siblings?

Lisa & Maggie who the characters r named after & Mark

What is the significance of Homer?

Homer is Matt groenings dad name same with marge his mother's name

When did Oswald Groenings die?

Oswald Groenings died in 1965.

When was Oswald Groenings born?

Oswald Groenings was born in 1880.

What is Matt Groenings favourite food?

my faveourite food is ham sandwich with cheese and mustard and lettuce mmm... homer simpsons drooling noise

What has the author James Groenings written?

James Groenings has written: 'The history of the passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Passion

What else is Matt smith hobbies?


What is Matt Christopher interesting hobbies?

Writing books

What was groenings first cartoon?

The Simpsons, followed by Futurama those are his only shows so far.

What hobbies does he do?

He does hobbies.