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ceallach spellman has a brother called ciarnan spellman (he's on facebook with that name)

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Ceallach Spellman has only 1 brother called (Ciarnan Spellman)

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Q: What are Ceallach Spellman's brother called?
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How old is ceallach spellmans girlfriend?

Ceallach Spellman Doesn't have a girlfriend! He does fancy Mila Kunis through haha!

What is ceallach spellmans favourite colour?

bue he says its blue on twitcam and he says it is cos his football team is manchester united and they are blue ^*manchester city

How tall is Ceallach?

Ceallach is 170 cm.

What are facts about Ceallach Spellman?

1. His full name is Ceallach John Spellman. 2. He has one brother who is 15 called Ciarnan Mark Spellman but no sisters. 3. He is 17. His Birthday is 31st August; he was born in 1995. 4. He is currently on Friday Download as a presenter. 5. He has a dog called Bella who is a Weirmaraner, he loves her so much! 6 His twitter is @celspellman and facebook Ceallach Spellman! 7. He absolutely LOVES Nando's! 8. He does NOT go out with Mia McKenna Bruce, neither has an account! 9. His name is pronounced 'Kellich' and his brother's 'Keyernan' 10. He is so sexy!

How tall is John Ceallach?

John Ceallach is 5' 9".

When is Ceallach Spellman's birthday?

Ceallach Spellman was born August 31, 1995.

When was Ceallach Spellman born?

Ceallach Spellman was born August 31, 1995.

When did Ceallach mac Guaire die?

Ceallach mac Guaire died in 665.

When did Ceallach ua Maรญlcorgus die?

Ceallach ua Maílcorgus died in 999.

When was Ceallach born?

Ceallach was born on July 4, 1974, in Sydney, Australia.

Does ceallach spellman have a sister?

He has recently gained a foster sister called Tia spellman

What nicknames does John Ceallach go by?

John Ceallach goes by Doc, and Doc John.