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Alyson stoner's fav. shoes are flats.. but she always has to wear high heels for concerts and all that.......

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Kristen Stewarts favorite shoe style is outdated sneakers or sneakers like chucks -cheerlol13

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Q: What are Alyson Stoner's favorite shoes?
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Alyson Stoner's eye is brown and her favorite color is GREEN

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she doesnt have a favorite. she has alot of bfs

Who is Jesse Kageler?

Alyson stoners boyfriend

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I dont know its stard personal info AND ITS NOT FOR YOU TO KNOW SORRY GUYS!

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Alyson Stoner's first boyfriend is believed to be Vincent Martella. The pair, then only about 15-16 years old, dated for a year in 2009 before splitting in early 2010.

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A tiger.