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Point of view is one. You dont even have to know the page number because the whole book is in first person. Symbolism. The mockingjay is the symbol of the whole rebellion. Just some things to get you started.

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Q: What are 5 literary elements for Catching Fire and where are they found in the book?
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Were there any puns in Catching Fire?

yes there was catching fire

What comes after catching fire?

The book after Catching Fire is Mockingjay.

What literary elements are in Jack Londons to build a fire?

Some literary elements in Jack London's "To Build a Fire" include setting (harsh Yukon winter), point of view (third person limited), symbolism (fire symbolizing life and survival), and foreshadowing (hints at the man's fate throughout the story).

Where was Catching Fire pusblished?

Catching Fire was published in the US by Scholastic.

Why is Catching fire called Catching Fire?

In Catching Fire, the rebellion is beginning, and is doing just that--catching fire- because the rebellion and hope is spreading and catching and people are beginning to realize they can fight back and survive. it is basically because the fire inside them to fight back is spreading.

When will catching fire be in out in the movies?

Catching Fire is coming out in the year 2013, in December.

When was Catching Fire written?

Catching Fire was released on September 1, 2009

When is the Catching Fire coming out?

September 2009, tentatively. It will be called Catching Fire.

Which book is better The Hunger Games or Catching Fire?

IMO, Catching Fire.

Where can you get Catching Fire in paperback?

Catching Fire is not been released in paperback format.

When was Catching Fire created?

Catching Fire was created on 2009-09-01.

How meny pages is catching fire?

there are 391 pages in the book Catching Fire.