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1. Creeping in my soul

It's the first song and the best song

2. Trigger

This song is perfectly transitioned, leads up good and then completes the song with an epic chorus.

3. Bye bye Babylon

A very catchy instrumental, next to Creeping in my soul, it's one of the really head banging Rock songs by the band.

4. Feed

This is the dark cryoshell song, one of the best hard rock songs with an awesome guitar riff. This song of all of them probably has the best lyrics, with a catchy chorus

5. The room

If cryoshell was to be on the radio this would be on the list, its more on the calm side which makes it good more words

A very nice calm song , this should probably be higher on the list, but..... It's not. Yet it's A great song

7. Come to my heaven

This song is different to all the others, I don't exactly know where it came from, but its got a good tune to it

8. Falling

This is a happy sounding song, the lyrics are very spread out which makes it catchy. And a good chorus

9. Murky

The lyrics aren't that great, on the calm side, it's pretty average..... Yeah

10. The reason this is at the back is because it's not greatly put together, and the lyrics aren't that good, the best part of it is at the end of the first verse to the chorus, that's probably the best fours lines in cryoshells history but........ The rest of the songs not that good

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Q: What are 10 songs of cryoshell?
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