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Gurren lagan!

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Q: What anime show does a boy meet a girl with blue hair and the boy pilots a robot?
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What is la blue girl?

is a anime ninja cartoon

What anime movie does the guy build himself a robot girlfriend that looks like the girl he likes?


Is there a anime show where a girl fights monsters with sex?

La Blue Girl

What anime movie has a girl with blue hair and the world has no water in it and there are ships the travel on sand?

I don't know about blue hair, but that sounds exactly like the anime sands of destruction. there might be a girl with blue hair but she is not a main character.

What TV series have a girl with blue hair?

Almost every anime series

What anime has a girl who can conjure hundreds of papers who has short light pink hair and a striped shirt and another taller girl with glasses and blue hair?

That is R.O.D. (Read or Die) the anime here is a screen shot of the anime series.

Which anime has a boy with blue hair and a girl with brown hair and a red uniform like outfit?

11 eyes

What actors and actresses appeared in Robot Girl - 2002?

The cast of Robot Girl - 2002 includes: Mike Babel as Man Jessica Underwood as Robot Girl

What TV show had a orange robot he had a horse and there were two other robots a boy and a girl i think the girl names was rose the blue knight?

I think it was SD gundam force.

What are girl on girl anime called?

Yuri .

Does anyone have a crush on an anime girl or boy?

i think eruka frog is the most beautiful anime girl <3

What anime girl has long blue hair?

Hanon and Noelle from mermaid melody. Konata Izumi from Lucky star. rika from higurashi Miku from Vocaloid.