What animals represent music?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What animals represent music?
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What animals represent madness?

Tigers, Cheetahs, Lepords, Cats in General

The Backstreet Boys and Hanson represent which two music genres of the 1990s?

teen pop and boy bands

What does music represent for natives?

it can represent a wide variety of things. many native people use music for festivals and things like that just like modern music festivals but native music usually has a deeper meaning to it like a story or cultural belief. for example there were many native American Indian tribes that used music and dance to call for rain and good hunting. for example, if tribes of animals that the tribes depended on (like buffalo which only came around once a year) were late, they would often do sing songs and dance in hopes that the buffalo would come (I'm not sure if it was sung to a god or the buffalo were charmed or something). music is also very important to many aboriginal tribes in Australia even in modern times like today. music and dance is used in the transition for a boy to turn into a man like they would have to take part in this dance. I hope this helps :)

What structure is ab in music?

A piece of music will often include repeats or be otherwise divided into sections, for example ABCBB, could represent A=Verse, B=Chorus, C= a different verse. B B repeat chorus twice. AB would therefore represent a piece of music with two sections, that are essentially different. A medley might have an ABCDE structure, so AB structure would be a very short medly of just two parts.

What makes Chinese music unique?

Traditional Chinese music can be many different styles of music such as Chinese Opera, Chinese folk songs, or even just musical instruments such as a Chinese zither (qu zheng).

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zoo represent the love of animals

What are signs and symbols that graphically represent music called?

Music notation.

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Can music affect animals health?

I've heard that music can change an animals mood depending on the music have you tried it?

What are the Chinese 4 animals Fuwa represent?

The four animals the Fuwa represent are - the fish, giant panda, Tibetan antelope and swallow. Pia

What animals can represent communication?

Carrier Pidgions

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they represent croissants.

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What do the aboriginal animals represent?

Animals, and the part they play in nature and life in general.

What are things that represent Greece?

definitely their music and dancing.

What does music do to animals?

Most animals just ignore it.

What do animals represent?

they represent the care and love that you give them, you have to care for them , and play with them .that's the reason you got them